What you need to know to decorate for the holidays

As December is around the corner many people prep for the chaos the holidays bring. As much as we love spending time with family and friends there is a certain level of stress that some with the holidays. From air travel to accommodating the family to the cooking and even decorating.

Our favorite way to light up the season is with a brilliant array of paper luminaries. Line them along front walks, driveways, and porches for a fiery Christmas display that’s so simple (and affordable) to pull off. Read more…

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With so many ideas around it’s easy to get creative and not have to break the bank as long as you plan things out ahead of time. Here are 13 ideas for decorating written by Real Simple.

From a charming mantel display to a decadent candy buffet, capture the true magic of the
holiday season in festive touches that make the days all the more merry Full list here.

Serve up a centerpiece

To make a showy centerpiece, place solid-color ball ornaments inside a clear-glass vase and “serve” on a silver tray. See full list of ideas here…


Christmas and Holiday Decorating Tips

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As you can see there are tons of ideas and plenty of ways to decorate without loosing your mind and breaking the bank. One thing to keep in mind when doing decorations is the safety aspects. Hanging things like Christmas lights usually requires equipment like ladders and testers to make sure that all the strands are fully functional and that you are not at risk of causing a fire. Every year hundreds of people end up in the emergency room because they fall off ladders while installing their Christmas lights and most of them are elderly men above the age of 35.

The least thing you need for the holidays is to be stuck in an emergency room or to put yourself in a safety hazard just to save a few buck. There are companies dedicated to installing Christmas lighting and holiday decoration pretty much in every city in the U.S. One of those companies is Christmas lights installation pros – Houston, They usually have competitive pricing and do lots of work in the area and usually add coupons on their Facebook page.

In closing, it’s important that you choose your decorating company wisely so that you end up happy and stress free this holiday season.